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Next Photography Challenge

… Will be attempting some HDR (that’s High Dynamic Range) photography. I’ve been in love with HDR photography for a while, as there are some absolutely stunning examples out there. One of my favourite photographers is Zsolt Zsigmond. I’d seriously recommend checking out his work; it’s simply beautiful (he also does a HDR Panorama tutorial which I someday aim to try out!).

I figure while I’ve got my hands on a camera that allows me to shoot in RAW I’ll give it a go. Now, I’ve never shot in RAW before so I’m not entirely sure what to expect.

I’ve found a couple of HDR tutorials that seem quite useful – How to create ‘High Dynamic Range’ images using Photomatix and Modern HDR photography, a how-to or Saturday morning relaxation. By the looks of it, I’m going to need some new software called ‘Photomatix’ (a free trial version is apparently available) so I need to check that out, although this tutorial uses only Photoshop.

Hmm… more investigation is required methinks. Yes, I know it’s going to be tough for a beginner but I’m ambitious! What’s the worst that can happen, eh?

I’m meant to be working on an assignment this weekend, but undoubtedly I shall need a break at some point so I may be able to share some results shortly!

If anyone has any tips or advice they would be most welcomed!


Levitation Photography

I’ve recently been trying to learn photography and, consequently, Adobe Photoshop for post-processing and image manipulation. My university department very kindly has lent me an SLR (a Nikon D70 which would be lovely if it wasn’t for the fact it’s survived years of abuse by students on archaeological digs in hot and dusty places!) and I’ve was nosing around Photoshop tutorial sites for inspiration when I came across levitation photography.

Now, I’d already been aware of this through the stunning images done by Natsumi Hayashi but she creates her work by jumping and I could never get the poses or the timing quite right. However, these tutorials provided an alternative that I enlisted my sister to help me attempt.

I’m not going to go through the tutorial here, as it’s already been covered far better than I could by Tyson Robichaud, so if you want a go yourself I really recommend his blog. But what I do want to highlight is some of the issues that I, as a complete beginner, had with it. Big thanks go to my sister who was ‘happy’ to stand outside in January wearing her little red dress! Brrr.

The [very basic] summary of levitation photography is you set up a camera and take a photo of the background you will be using. You then put yourself (or a friend!) into the shot standing on whatever you can find and get them to pull a suitable pose. In Photoshop you then put both images into one file and use a layer mask to get rid of what they’re standing on and hey presto! levitation! At least, that’s the theory.

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