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Magician – Raymond. E. Feist

Firstly apologies for being M.I.A. this past week or so. End of semester at uni and ended up buried under a ton of work. Gah! Luckily all that is handed in now and my second (and final!) semester started today.

Anyway thought I’d kick off with a new review – book review this time so here we go:

Magician – Raymond. E. Feist

I should begin by saying that the version I have read is the revised edition, the “author’s cut” as it were, with 15,000 words added that he had had to cut from his original version due to publisher’s preference. I have never read it as an ‘original’ copy but, as Feist states in his foreward to this edition, “nothing profound has been changed. No characters previously dead are now alive, no battles lost are now won, and two boys still find the same destiny”.

I love this book. It may appear to be typical fantasy fare and if I’m being perfectly honest it is in many ways. Very swords-and-sorcery, with epic battles, magic, Princes, Kings, journeys, elves, dwarves, romance… blah blah blah. But that’s not all this book is. Get beyond the traditional fantasy elements and there’s a whole lot more to this book.

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Sherlock Holmes

I am in love with Sherlock Holmes.

No, not the Robert Downey Jnr./Jude Law offering (although they are fun movies). I am talking about the BBC modern-day adaptation starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Atonment; War Horse; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy “fame”… is to play Smaug the Dragon in The Hobbit movies and has just been announced as the bad guy in the newest Star Trek) as the highly intelligent, sagacious but vexatious detective and Martin Freeman (Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy; will be playing Bilbo in The Hobbit) as his long-suffering partner Dr. Watson.

There have so far been two three-episode series – the final episode of the second series has just aired – and all have been absolutely fantastic. I cannot recommend this series enough. Witty, clever, funny, entertaining, yet with seriousness, plot twists and some incredibly poignant moments, topped off by some of the best acting I’ve seen – it really does have it all. I’d also add “quick and sharp” to the list, as the story lines kept your attention (and you guessing) right to the last.

Clever is definitely the right word for this series. Brought into the modern-day, it still retains all of the elements that made Sir. Conan-Doyle’s Sherlock  such a good character, and the books so popular. Steven Moffat and co. have done a wonderful job and I only hope that with the two main actors having all these new opportunities they will come back and revisit Sherlock soon!

If you can, I seriously suggest you check the series out!

As a slight (girlish) aside, I find Benedict Cumberbatch strangely attractive. I think it’s the eyes…