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Awkward Hellos

So this is the first post of the blog, where I’m meant to introduce myself and what the hell I’m supposed to be writing about, and you’re meant to pretend to be interested when in reality we all know this is just me checking that everything works, looks good, and I haven’t broken it yet!

The truth is this is sort of an unofficial New Years Resolution. Over the years I’ve attempted many times to get into blogging but have failed miserably – even just trying to keep a blog as a travel journal was abandoned halfway through in favour of good old paper-&-pens. But this year I’m going to try and keep this going. Why? Partially due to an assignment I’m working on for uni at the moment looking at social media, and partially to try and tie together all the random rubbish I have lurking around the internet.

So what to write about?

Well my interests currently lie in Photoshop, photography, travel but no doubt rants about my personal life *may* find there way in, possibly semi-coherent philosophical posts or even movie and book reviews… basically whatever I feel like writing about!

So welcome to my world. Let’s see how this goes!