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Inspirational Photographers

My attempts at shooting in RAW this weekend failed (due to having to reformat card, and the camera being old and broken) and as I have to hand the dSLR back to my department this week I’m not sure I’m going to get another chance to play with it before then. So instead of sharing with you my work I thought I’d have a quick chat about the photographers that inspire me.

I have four particular favourites which I wanted to show you, but they are by no means exclusive. Photography, like art and beauty, is subjective, so what I like and find inspiring may not appeal to everyone, but I hope some of these appeal to you! If one day my work is half as good as any of these below, I shall be a very happy snapper! I have a long way to go…

Peter Lik

"Eternal Beauty"

I first became aware of Peter Lik whilst travelling. I found a gallery of his in Noosa, Australia (he is Australian by birth but has now relocated to the States) and I liked what I saw. Imagine my surprise then when I hit Vegas and found he has a number of permanent galleries there (Forum Shops, Venetian Shops, Mandalay Bay) and after having a really good look at his work I fell in love with it.

Not only are his landscapes stunning (especially those of the prairies with storms) and his images of the canyons just beautiful (like the one above), the way he displays his work is fairly unique – backlit images that bring out the best in these photos. I confess, as soon as I have enough money I fully intend to purchase at least one of his works.  Read More…