Hi there,

If you’ve reached this page I guess you must want to know something about me!

I’m a twenty-something student finishing up a Master’s degree in archaeology. No, I’m not Indiana Jones. No, I don’t have the hat.

I consider myself a fairly sporty person and I love the outdoors. I’m a keen (if awful) surfer and I hold a first degree black belt in a Japanese martial art no one’s ever heard of (unless, of course, you’re Japanese in which case “konichiwa”!). I dabble in ballet and yoga and have recently been able to take up running again, which is good. I also cycle *everywhere*, so that helps keep me fit.

I love travelling and have spent a great deal of time doing it – check out my Travel Page for a list of countries I’ve visited.

I’ve just started trying to get into photography. I don’t actually own an SLR yet though so that’s a bit of an issue. Hopefully one day! Until then I make do with my own little camera, or steal my friend’s when I can. There will be posts documenting some of my experiments along the way!

I’m a happy atheist and my personal philosophy is… complicated. Evolving. I used to be a wishy-washy (Church of England) Christian during my formative years, dabbling in Wicca as a teenage-d rebellion, before finally coming to my senses when I was 17. I’ve written about my journey to atheism here.

I’m strongly in support of Equal Rights, including same-sex marriages. I’m pro-choice and a feminist – not the “all men are evil, burn our bras” stereotypical feminism of the 1980s, but “real” feminism in that I believe in equality. Equality for everyone: women, men, transgender, gay, straight, bi, black, white, tall, short, fat, thin, blond, brown, even ginger!

I support a number of charities – notably Surfers Against Sewage and AllOut.

For my views on specific issues here’s a list of blog posts (promise to try and keep these up-to-date!):

Same-sex Marriages:


I’m friendly and don’t bite so feel free to say hi 😀


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