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Figured seeing as I haven’t really bothered keeping my archaeology blog in any way, shape or form up-to-date (bite me; I’m busy!) I’d just give a quick run-down of what I’m actually doing for my dissertation here. Mostly to get it clear in my own mind as I’m getting into the write-up properly now.

Basically, I am looking at whether the way in which you narrate “virtual heritage” (eg. 3d computer models) has an effect on the way people perceive the information given.

I created a 3d reconstruction of a Neolithic building from a site in Tukey called Çatalhöyük. It’s one of the earliest urban centres in the world (7400 BCE – how cool it that?!) so it’s a pretty damn important site.

Using that model I have created three videos to “display” the building. Visually they will be identical (kinda – same sequence of images) and they’ll each provide the same information, but the method of communicating that information will change. Read More…


All the Cool Kids

… have Instagram these days apparently. I recently got my mobile phone upgraded (HTC Desire C if anyone’s interested – and it is gorgeous!) so thought I’d give this thing a go and see what all the fuss was about.

At first I was a bit sceptical, because I’ve been trying to learn Photoshop and frankly this seemed a little too easy. Kinda like cheating. But the effects… well the effects are actually quite nice. I wouldn’t ever pretend that a lot of effort has gone into them, but it does give you a neat, quick way to make photos look different (or rather, look the same as everyone else’s… But still cute).

Thought I’d share with you a few of mine, just to brag. Look how awesome I am! Read More…


Right, it’s about time I posted something on here, so I’ll start with another apology. For the lack of posts. I may or may not have mentioned I’m currently finishing up a Masters degree in archaeology and am super-busy working on my dissertation. 20,000 words, no biggie, just a helluva lot to get done. But nothing to panic about right?

Well just had a meeting with my supervisor (who is stupidly excited about my project which means I know that (a) I’ve chosen good and (b) it’s a lot harder than it appears) and things were going well.

Up until the point he casually dropped it into the coversation that he wants to send it to a man named Ian Hodder.

Ian Hodder is a *huge* name in the archaeology world. Not only is he the director of the site I’m basing my work on, but he practically single-handedly pioneered postprocessional theory in archaeology. He got a first-class degree from a London university, and then a phd from freaking Cambridge (where he was also a lecturer for a while) and now he’s a Professor of Archaeology at Stanford University. Yep, theAmerican Stanford University.


So… no pressure then?


It will all be fine. I’m sure.

am sure…

(As an amusing aside, someone who studied under him and who’s work I’ve been reading is an archaeologist called Michael Shanks. I laughed a lot when I saw that. Sadly, he didn’t do any work with the Eqyptians… Geeky moments!)