Apple-y Ever After

There is even more of a reason to love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream now since they have renamed their apple pie flavour ice cream “Apple-y Ever After” to show their support for Stonewalls’ Equal Marriage Campaign. I love the idea!

Today the British Government have launched a ‘consultation’ on equal marriage for the UK. I am totally in support of the proposed changes, but I can’t help but think they do not go far enough.

They have said same-sex couple can have a ‘civil marriage’ or a ‘civil partnership’, but not a religious ceremony. Religious groups will not be allowed to conduct same-sex marriages (even if they are willing to) and opposite-sex couples can not get a ‘civil partnerships’.

To me, this is silly. It’s not true equality, no matter what they say. True equality would be for ANYONE to have a choice of a ‘civil marriage’, ‘civil partnership’ or a ‘religious marriage’ depending on their personal beliefs and REGARDLESS of the gender of their partner.

It’s about love ya know, not sex 😉

I’m not saying religious organisations should be forced to conduct same-sex marriages because (as much as I disagree with them) it is against their beliefs. But neither should those religious organisations who are willing to conduct same-sex marriages (and they do exist!) be prevented from doing so.

Having looked at some of the media news about it, it seems that the majority of British people are in support of equal marriage (I refuse to call it ‘gay marriage’ – it’s about equality remember!). The Catholic Church has obviously come out against it (hey! They’ve come out about something…) but when one of the leading Cardinals compares legalising same-sex marriage to slavery you know they’re a bit of a joke, and more than a little out of touch with the modern world.

It’s about equality and fairness so I thought most sane people would be fine with it.

Imagine my shock and disappointment when I mentioned the Ben & Jerry’s campaign to my mother, who I’ve always assumed was fairly level-headed about these sort of things (a try-before-you-buy attitude towards sex!) and her response was, “You support that? That’s awfully liberal of you”.

Liberal? It never even occurred to me that was the case. I assumed it was about what was right, not about any personal prejudices or politics. I was actually quite upset when I realised she was against it. Her views are it should be between one man and one woman as the intention is to bring children in to the world. Which is nowadays frankly ridiculous. When I asked her about those opposite-sex couples that either can’t have, or chose not to have, children and whether under her logic they also should not be allowed to get married she couldn’t answer. I wonder if it’s a “generation thing” – my Dad is vehemently against equal marriage also, as well as children out of wedlock and all that old-fashioned stuff.

I felt quite disappointed in them. I know everyone’s entitled to their own views, but I’d sort of hoped my mother at least was a little more open-minded and accepting.

She’s got her heart set on a nice wedding for me, so I was very very tempted to turn around and ask her if I fell in love with a girl would she still not want me to get married! I didn’t… but I may yet…

Anyways… for those that feel strongly on this issue I urge you to make your views heard. Information from the Government on the consultation is available here and you can actively take part in the consultation by filling in this survey.

So go on, do it. Fight for Equality. Fight for Love!!!


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One response to “Apple-y Ever After”

  1. Clare Flourish says :

    Quakers, and I think Unitarians, and Reformed Jews, support equal marriage. I think, however, that gay civil marriage is the next step, and that they will step forward again afterwards. Not long now.

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