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For the next couple of weeks anyway.

As my previous post explained, I have a lot of travel ahead of me. I was in Wales last weekend (such a good weekend – a write up is in the works! Promise!) and am off to Spain early tomorrow morning (1am early! So no sleep for me tonight) and shall be away for two weeks. It’s not exactly a holiday. In fact, I doubt very much there will be anything relaxing about it.

While not studying for my Masters degree I’m currently employed by my university as a Learning Support Assistant, working with students that have various disabilities. While most of my work involves note-taking, I am also a ‘buddy’ for field trips. One of my students is off to Spain on a geology field trip so I am being sent along to support them.

Lots of looking at rocks ahead methinks. I hope it’s warm!

Will let y’all know how it goes when I’m back.

Until then, adios!


Apple-y Ever After

There is even more of a reason to love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream now since they have renamed their apple pie flavour ice cream “Apple-y Ever After” to show their support for Stonewalls’ Equal Marriage Campaign. I love the idea!

Today the British Government have launched a ‘consultation’ on equal marriage for the UK. I am totally in support of the proposed changes, but I can’t help but think they do not go far enough.

They have said same-sex couple can have a ‘civil marriage’ or a ‘civil partnership’, but not a religious ceremony. Religious groups will not be allowed to conduct same-sex marriages (even if they are willing to) and opposite-sex couples can not get a ‘civil partnerships’.

To me, this is silly. It’s not true equality, no matter what they say. True equality would be for ANYONE to have a choice of a ‘civil marriage’, ‘civil partnership’ or a ‘religious marriage’ depending on their personal beliefs and REGARDLESS of the gender of their partner.

It’s about love ya know, not sex 😉 Read More…

Red Head

Thought I should quickly counteract the sadness of my last post with a happier one: In other life news I dyed my hair. Red. So red. I love it! Just take a look at this:


So red!

It was a last-minute decision on Monday night. It’s not quite as red as I was thinking, but I chickened out last minute. I’ve never dyed my hair anything nearly this vivid before but figured I’m in my last (definitely last) year of Uni now so when the hell am I going to get a chance to do this without worrying about work/job/appearance etc. etc. Plus it was one of my New Year’s Resolutions… not that I really made any! 😀

The result is brilliant though.

An Empty Cage

On the 11th January 2011 I welcomed in to my home a lovely little tan-and-white hamster I named Mindy. As in the girl from Kick Ass, not Mork and Mindy! She was this tiny, very very frightened little thing who instantly wiggled her way into my heart.

Mindy when I first got her.

Over the next few weeks I spent time getting her accustomed to humans, taming her and encouraging her to sit in my hand. It wasn’t an easy process. Many hamster chocolate drops were required. She also had to learn my fingers were not food! Read More…