2012 Travel Plans

I love travelling. I’m hardly happier than when I’m on the road, seeing new sights and meeting new people. The Germans use the term ‘wanderlust’ to describe a strong desire to travel and see the world, and I’m the first to confess I have it bad.

My parent’s probably instilled this love in me at a young age – we’ve been going on family holidays for as long as I can remember and they were never the ‘beach and pool’ ones, but cultural, filled with new sights and sounds. We’ve spent many wonderful summers in France, Italy, southern Germany, and even ventured as far afield as Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Czech Republic, not to mention the obligatory Orlando experience.

On my own, I’ve visited a lot of South East Asia, Oceania, Western USA and various places in Europe and Africa (a fairly complete list of all the countries I’ve been to isΒ here).

So what are my latest plans? Yes, I do have some. I always try and have at least one trip planned because it gives me something to look forward to!

So for 2012 this is what I have coming up:

– March:

  • Wales (maybe). Surfing weekend.
  • Spain. A ‘working holiday’ as I’m supporting a student on a fieldtrip.

– April:

  • Portugal. A week’s surfing near Arrifana.

– June:

  • Wales. Another fieldtrip with a student.

– July:

  • To Be Confirmed. Yet another fieldtrip, this one for five weeks. Possible locations include: Scotland, France, Spain, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

– October:

  • Morocco. Family holiday. Hopefully!

So lots and lots to look forward to! Hopefully I’ll get my travel blog up and running again so I can share my experiences with you all. If I can’t travel, my second favourite thing is talking about travel! πŸ˜€


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4 responses to “2012 Travel Plans”

  1. Momina Mela says :

    this is making me jealous!

  2. decoratingwanderlust says :

    So awesome to have so many trips coming up! Which are you most looking forward to?

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