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While browsing some links on an atheist blog, I found a ping-back linked to a rather interesting forum: Islamic Awakening. I haven’t had time for a good nosey but one thread has caught my eye in relation to the talk on sharia law at Queen Mary, University of London I mentioned in a previous post. Entitled “Urgent- Calling all muslims to East London today!!!“, it is a call for Muslims to come out and protest at the debate. You can read the full thing here but some worrying extracts include (copied exactly, I take no responsibility for grammar, spelling or general coherency):

From the first post:

Who gave these kuffar the right to speak? Let me ask you – if a bunch of kuffar got together and were given the right to touch your mother up and analyse her, then would you stand by and let it happen? Then what about your deen?!! Remember, these guys hate religion and are not looking to have an unbiased debate. Please be here by 7 pm. to let them know what we think. Back in my day no-one in UNi would dare even look the wrong way at a muslim, because we used to represent our deen and didnt take kindly to it being insulted. It is only when the pacifists ecame numerous that the kuffar dared to raise their heads.

I don’t think anyone wants to ‘touch up’ anyone’s mother. I’m not even sure mothers were to be mentioned in the debate…

And a response to someone who urged people not to generate negative publicity:

People like to scream “islam is peace” but you can’t have peace without equality and justice. You can’t tell someone whose mother or wife has been killed that they should want peace, similiarly you can’t tell the Ummah, which at this moment is being raped and pillaged from every angle, that we should want peace. Peace can not come without Justice, Fairness, and Equality.

If we are going to be unmoved by the attacks on the Prophet pbuh, on the Shariah, on the religion of Islam, then when are we going to be moved? When we are 6 feet under? Wallah that will be too late, and we will wish to have one chance to defend this religion. We are so quick when someone attacks us personally, our character or personality, yet we are so hesitant when people, entire nations, attack Allah and His Messenger.

I’d agree that Peace comes with Justice, Fairness and Equality, however I don’t believe that religion, and certainly not religious doctrine in the form of sharia law, equates to any of those things. I’d say the same for any law based purely on religious texts.

Someone tried some wonderful logic in explaining that this debate would breach human rights:

Human rights allows freedom of faith, yet they question if Islam goes against human rights? Well your human rights allows one to follow what they want……oh you want to change that now? … you want to take away my human rights? …….so human rights are taken away by those who proclaim human rights for people……yes I see now how thick you scum artist atheist are, please go join your monkey brothers and sniff eachothers backsides and pick your nits out of eachothers hair……oh sorry you already do that?

I’m not sure a response to this is even justified but even so… No, no one was trying to take away your human rights. You can follow what you want. A debate isn’t going to change that. However, by threatening people with violence just because they speak out against something they disagree with… well if that’s not against the human right to believe what they want I don’t know what is. I will say though that some of the sharia laws, which are not necessarily set down by Muhammad in the Qur’an but by men, do go against what in this Western society is considered human rights. Undoubtedly the ones to do with sex and women, but also those punishments for crime etc. If you want to live under sharia law, you are more than welcome to go to a country that follows it. But this is Britain. We have our own laws and for the most part they work pretty well.

For the record, I am an atheist. I have no problem with people believing in Allah, God, Krishna, Zeus, Gaia, Thor or any deity of choice. As long as you don’t try and make me follow it, or abide by arbitrary laws set down in some holy book, I have no quarrel with you. Coincidently, I love monkeys, but not enough to sniff their butts. I’ve also never had nits.

The thread goes on, with sadly the most reasonable person being ignored. I’ll let you read it if you like. One quote did however really jump out at me:

In my view, i rather have these people scared than saying anything derogatory to The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Seriously? If you honestly believed Muhammad would be offended by this, shouldn’t you also believe Allah would come down here and fry these atheists himself? You would rather some living human beings were scared, than to risk offending someone who died approximately 1,500 years ago? I thought the American Evangelicals were bad, but this is definitely on par with some of their craziest stuff.

And finally, I’d never heard the term kuffar used before so I had to Google it. Trusty definition states it as being the plural of Kafir (Arabic: كافر ‘; plural كفّار ‘) – a term used in an Islamic doctrinal sense, usually translated as “unbeliever” or “disbeliever”, or sometimes “infidel”. The term refers to a person who rejects God or who hides, denies, or “covers” the truth… Well, you learn something new every day. I’ll have to add Kafir to my list of titles. 😉


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